Abbaye de Maredret

Featured products: HoverTab Security Tablet Stand| Industry: Retail | Client: Abbaye de Maredret

The Customer

Abbaye de Maredret is a Benedictine abbey of about twenty sisters, founded in 1893.
The sisters make jams, juices, knitwear, woven articles of clothing, painting on slates, restorations of statues and
paintings, candles etc. They sell them in their little monastic shop.

The Challenge & Solution

The small store is run by one or two sisters. They wrote down all the sales in a notebook and needed a new digital way to do the bookkeeping. Now they have a tablet with cash register software, they needed to prevent its theft.
Looking for an anti-theft solution, they found Macklocks’ site and purchased the Hovertab, to both mount the tablet comfortably and secure it to the desk that serves as a counter.

Customer Feedback

“I was personally very satisfied with the personal welcome I received on your site via chat. it's really
difficult to choose the right product and it's reassuring to be able to speak with someone”.


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