Soluciones de visualización segura para iPad Soluciones de visualización segura para iPad


Set Descending Direction

Secure iPad Displays For Every Business

Our iPad mounts are a secure choice for businesses looking to simplify their sales and customer service processes. They feature the latest, cutting-edge technology to offer both protection and stability to your iPad and other tablet devices. Quick lock & unlock keyed locks and t-bar lock slots on high-grade aluminum enclosures, durable boltable bases, and a sleek design with cable management capabilities upgrade your business with a modern look and feel. Our kiosks have a functional, adjustable design that can securely hold a display table of any size while also offering a comfortable viewing angle and easy accessibility to keep every interaction smooth and your business operations uninterrupted.

Designed for Flexibility and Functionality

At Maclocks, we’ve been offering secure and high-quality display hardware solutions for businesses since 2010. Our iPad stands, kiosks, mounts, and other products are designed intuitively, prioritizing flexibility and functionality to make it easier for businesses to tailor them to their use case. Whether you’re in hospitality, retail, banking, healthcare, or any other industry, we feature a range of designs, from low-profile to industrial, to help you scale your operations with ease. Explore our collection to find the right ecosystem for your needs!