Mac Mini Security Mount

- Lightweight and Low Profile
- High-Grade Aluminum Construction
- VESA Mounting Pattern
- Secures Peripheral Cables
- Security Slot Compatible

Compatible with the 2018 Mac Mini models.

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Mac Mini Halterung - Mac Mini Sicherheitshalterung

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MacMini Bracket - Mac Mini Security Mount
Mac Mini Security Mount

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    Mac Mini Security Mount
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    It doesn't get much easier when looking to securely mount your new  Mac Mini. The  Mac Mini Lock and Mount allows you to fix the security bracket to any flat surface. You can safely screw the mount to a wall, desk, underside of a table, cabinet and even the back of a monitor. Once the bracket is secured all you need to do is slide your  Mac Mini into the mount, align the cables with the patented cable trap and connect the lock. The ventilated design protects your device against overheating and wireless signal loss while giving you total access to the power button, USB, HDMI & Ethernet ports to ensure a complete user experience.

    The Mac Mini Security Mount Kit Includes:
    - Mac Mini Security Mounting bracket
    - Security Lock Head
    - Set of Keys
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