The Customer

When you work in an open-office setting, you want your belongings to be safe. When you have a laptop, there aren’t a whole lot of options and when you have an Apple computer, there are even fewer options for securing your laptop while you are using it. Laptop locks are typically something that PC computers have without fail, but Macs are just not equipped with the locking adapter. Compulocks, a company that specializes in computer locks, has an entire line of security devices for MacBook computers. Because I have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, I took a special interest in their Compulocks Ledge MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Lock Adapter.

The Challenge

The locking cable and lock mechanism are similar to if not identical to other laptop locks. When I unpackaged it, it was a very familiar site to me.The magic of the Compulock is in the adapter. It’s the smallest MacBook lock slot adapter available to consumers. Even though it ships with a lock/cable, it is compatible with standard t-bar cable locks. The design of the adapter should work for both 13 and 15-inch models of the 2016/2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. This adapter is absolutely not compatible with non-Touch Bar models of the MacBook Pro. The product is designed to provide the user with a quick and easy installation.

The Solution

The Ledge Lock Slot adapter comes packaged along with a cable lock and installation hardware kit. The instructions are available in the form of an illustrated guide on the back of the adapter box. My Ledge Lock adapter arrived inside a small Ziploc bag along with its cable lock. The box is nicely labeled, but I thought the bag with the cable was a little too nondescript. I would rather see a larger package with branding and details on the product outlined on the outside then a plastic bag with a generic label. This is a very functional way to deliver the product to a consumer, but I think it would be more appealing in a branded box.



“Universal Display Lockable stand for any Tablet or Smartphone. The clean looking design Hover Tablet stand is a one of a kind product that can provide youwith a simple clean way to securely display your tablet.”